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Our mission is to create a society that cares and shares.

Our Mission Statement includes Good Neighbors’ philosophy of
sharing more love to neighbors.


To make the world a place where no one suffers from starvation and where people live together in harmony.To respect the right of humans by giving hope to those who suffer from poverty, oppression, and natural disaster.

  • We offer assistance to anyone in need regardless of race, nationality, religion, ideology, or geographical constraints.
  • We help people become self-sufficient by providing sustainable development to individuals, families, and communities.
  • Rights of the child are our top priority.
  • We contribute to the construction of a global community where people live together in harmony.
  • Code of Conduct
  • We organize local people to participate in our work  and contribute to their community.
  • We are an enabler that works in conjunction with our partners on the field.
  • We are professionals, and the process of the project and financial situation are clearly reported.
  • We encourage people to join Good Neighbors and our work.
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